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Act Immediately To Stop Congress’s Sneaky Move To Shut Down Broadband Competition

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Members of Congress are quietly trying to slip through a bill that will block the development of real alternatives for high-speed Internet.

Representative Marsha Blackburn introduced an amendment that aims to limit FCC authority to preempt state laws that restrict or prohibit municipal and community high-speed Internet projects or investment.

Visit to take action right now! A quick phone call can go a long way.

Local community projects are in jeopardy and should not be made illegal because at the moment across the country, the majority of Internet users are stuck with one or two choices at most for high-speed, reliable access. These companies charge exorbitant fees and are currently in midst of urging the FCC to allow them (ISPs) to speed up connections to websites that pay for premium access for users.

We need alternatives. But right now there are 20 states that have laws that make it hard or impossible for communities to take their Internet into their own hands.

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler’s plan to challenge these restrictive state laws is under attack.


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“Act Immediately To Stop Congress’s Sneaky Move To Shut Down Broadband Competition”