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A Huge Utility Says Wind Power Now Costs Less Than Fossil Fuels

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For decades alternative energy solutions have been “squashed” by big business and government entities. The reason? Money! Should other energy sources appear in the market place then the oil, coal and automotive industries stand to lose BIG money.

We have been told, “it is to expensive and that it was a luxury item” by the media and government officials. But, what happens when the cost start to come down? Will they be able to continue the lie?

Well… Europe’s largest utilities provider recently decided to test the boundaries by declaring wind to be the most inexpensive energy source of all.

“It is clear more and more that our product [wind energy] is good,” João Manso Neto, head of renewables for Portugal’s EDP, told analysts in London. “Not only because it’s green…but because it’s more competitive, it’s cheaper.”

EDP now earns its profits direct from coal, oil and gas yet they announced that wind was one-third cheaper than coal and 20 percent cheaper than gas.

This is in direct contrast with the current monetary oil and gas dependency. Will they continue and what are their next steps?

Here is what EDP had to say: “We see that renewables globally will be the main engine of growth. And within renewables, wind onshore is clearly the leader. For people “less educated” in the economics of electricity, wind might seem “very expensive. but wind is not only competitive, it is also prepared to compete.”

There is no doubt that alternative energy sources are the wave of the future but will new companies be allowed to emerge or will they be squashed by big oil and gas conglomerates? Has EDP painted a target on their backs? Will they deploy the wind solution or will they be stopped?


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“A Huge Utility Says Wind Power Now Costs Less Than Fossil Fuels”