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9 Year Old Boy Amazes Everyone With His Understanding Of The Meaning Of Life & The Universe

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Meet the boy, 9, who will wow you with his thoughts about the universe.

“For all of lifetime on planet Earth humans have been discussing the meaning of life. Where did we come from and what is our purpose on Earth are probably the most discussed topics from the moment a child learns to speak to the time a person leaves their body laying in death.” said examiner.com

Sometimes the adults only need to listen to a child for an answer.

“Battle lines have been drawn between evolutionists and creationists for centuries. The world’s most well known scientists and religious advocates have been questioning theories of evolution versus theological views of Adam and Eve. Delving too deep, adults can miss the simple and profane answers right in front of them. Instead of dismissing the babblings of a young child, take a moment to listen.” said examiner.com

A child uncovers the meaning of why we exist in simple terms for everyone to understand.

“Zia Hassan was so impressed speaking with a young 9-year old that he felt compelled to capture him on video speaking his views about the universe and why humans exist. As the young one continued his typical boyish behavior of playing with the little ants in his backyard patio, he even used the little creatures in his explanation of why we exist. The boy’s younger 7-year old brother plays with his bat and ball as he converses with his own views as to why people of the world crave sports and other activities. Simply said the 7-year old conveys that since people do not innately have suspense in their lives they crave and need entertainment for enrichment in order to exist.” said examiner.com

Out of the mouths of babes comes insightful views.

“Children have a lot of newly learned knowledge in their young brains that adults have long forgotten. Because of their young age children are all too often dismissed with nods of half listening adults not wanting to really engage in what is perceived as babbling nonsense. Perhaps it is time to go back to the roots of the old fashioned backyard play where kids can discover life and adults can take the time to interact and learn from the younger scholars in their lives.

Today’s world is so overwhelmed with technology that people of all ages take little time to talk and, even more important, listen. Adults are rushing to work or busy on the internet. Children are left watching TV nonstop and playing video games. It is important to stop and step outside literally and figuratively; step aside from the wired world and outside into the old fashioned backyard playground.

Try playing with some ants to find the answers to the pressing questions of life and remember to never be afraid to dance!” said examiner.com

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“9 Year Old Boy Amazes Everyone With His Understanding Of The Meaning Of Life & The Universe”