7 Reasons America Will Fail On Climate Change

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Recently in a conversation between Ezra Klein and Ta-Nehisi Coates a cool discussion happened that highlighted why the America will loose the war on climate control and climate change.

These are the highlights of the conversation:

1) We’ve waited so long that what America needs to do is really, really hard — and maybe impossible.
The process has already begun and it is a big ship to try and turn around.

2) The people most affected by climate change don’t get a vote.
Most 3rd world nations are taken advantage of due to lack of funds, lack of say due to corrupt or non existing government systems and lack of proper or decent communications protocols.

3) We’re bad at sacrificing now to benefit later.
Americans like their cake and eat it to. And they rarely id ever sacrifice themselves for the betterment of mankind.

4) The effects of global warming are not easily reversible.
As mentioned earlier climate is a BIG boat… Possibly too big.

5) The Republican Party has gone off the rails on climate change.
Ok, I don’t agree that it is just republicans. The entire American government is corrupt and not one of them is beyond reproach.

6) The international cooperation required is unprecedented, and maybe impossible.
Every nation is at different levels of industrial revolution status and they are not willing to stop the process.

7) Geoengineering is nuts.
Ok there have always been fruits and nuts who want to save the planet. While some of their ideas are sound but others are out of this world.

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“7 Reasons America Will Fail On Climate Change”