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50 Democrats & 50 Republicans Were Asked 5 Politically-Charged Questions

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5 Huge Issues That Republicans And Democrats Shouldn’t Agree On, But Do.

“It often seems like Republicans and Democrats don’t agree on much, and that both parties tend to assume their views represent the voice of the mainstream. But do the average Republican and the average Democrat differ as much as we’ve been led to believe?

The Huffington Post just released a video in which they polled 50 Democrats and 50 Republicans. The Democratic participants were wearing blue and the Republican participants were wearing red. When a question was posed, the participants stood in either the “yes” circle or the “no” circle on the ground.” said

Here are the incredible results:


1. Is climate change a hoax?


2. Do you have a college degree?


3. Should children born in the U.S. to undocumented immigrants be deported?


4. Would Bernie Sanders Make A Good President?


5. Would Donald Trump Make A Good President?

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“50 Democrats & 50 Republicans Were Asked 5 Politically-Charged Questions”