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3 Reasons Skateboarders Make Great Entrepreneurs

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Skateboarding slackers are the last people you would think of to pick as entrepreneur of the year but these 4 wheel wonders are the very people who often become top dogs in many industry.

Here are a few reasons why:

1. Individualism. Skateboarders whether social or anti social know something very important if he/she can’t land a trick, then the blame is theirs alone.

This sense of personal responsibility translates is a great trait to become a successful entrepreneur.

2. Creativity. Skateboarders never stops evolving. Twenty years ago skateboarders thought they had a the tricks down pat. But today. Yet in the last 5 years many new and amazing tricks have come to light on Youtube and across the globe. Skaters are always looking for new tricks to invent or fresh ways to do old ones.

This is yet another trait that is a must to become a phenom entrepreneur!

3. Rebelliousness. Skaters must contend with disapproving parents and teachers, power-hungry security guards and skeptical peers. One cannot be a skater without confronting someone who says it’s time to stop playing with these useless toys and grow up. But skaters ignore this and keep on doing what they want.

Entrepreneurs must have this spirit in order to survive.


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“3 Reasons Skateboarders Make Great Entrepreneurs”