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10 Things They Don’t Tell Music Producers… Til It’s Too Late.

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If you are new to music production, or even if you’ve been poking around for a while, there are a number of things that you haven’t been told about making music. Depending on what angle you are taking to get into the music production game, you are likely either over preparing or under preparing for what lies ahead.

Here is the short list:
1. Your first attempts at making music won’t be great, and that’s the way it should be.
2. Nobody creates in a constant peak state
3. Most of what you think you need to know, doesn’t matter
4. Most of the tools you think you need, you don’t
5. Your habits count more than your knowledge
6. Everything you want comes through people
7. You don’t have to be miserable to make good music
8. Musicianship is optional
9. Time is the only difference from you & those who are now successful
10. Everybody steals

Thinking about getting into the industry? Then go ahead! Just keep your head held high while you experience the pitfalls.


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“10 Things They Don’t Tell Music Producers… Til It’s Too Late.”