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Large is supposed to be a place for sharing great ideas and making them happen, it would be shame for those ideas to be drowned in information about what's going on in the world so I'm proposing a separate site for sharing news and info.

  • A site for citizen journalism as well as information taken or cited from traditional news sources
  • A site with low resource needs which could be an alternative source of unbiased news and information
  • A site for collaboratively sorting, confirming and prioritising information
  • A site therefore for networking in the old sense of the word as much as anything

It would probably be a good idea to get a number of bloggers involved in this information hub (it could even be called "The Blogger" or "The Blogger's Union"), since bloggers are used to doing Op/Ed style pieces on what is going on in the world and there are probably a good number of lesser known and underrated bloggers who could use a central platform which would give them more prominence.

The principle however would be democratic administration for sharing of news and information, where anyone can contribute to allow citizen journalism to become a reality. Are there any writers, bloggers, budding citizen journalists, web programmers, potential editors or general enthusiasts out there that want to help develop this?