X-Motion system puts autonomous vehicles on the warehouse floor

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As we continue to see progress made in autonomous driving technology, much of the public’s interest has been preoccupied with the prospect of autonomous vehicles hitting the road. Yet six vehicles currently zipping autonomously around a Samsung warehouse in Russia’s Kaluga region after being fitted with the “X-MOTION” system show that this technology will also find plenty of applications off the road.

Developed by Russian company RoboCV, X-MOTION is described as an “intellectual pilot system,” which replaces a driver with an autopilot system that enables warehouse vehicles to operate autonomously around humans in a warehouse environment.

The system is made up of two parts: a “server-side part,” which interacts with the warehouse management system, coordinating distribution of tasks among the vehicles, and a “vehicle-side part,” which makes the navigation decisions. As well as following pre-defined paths, the vehicles are able to respond dynamically to changes in the environment, such as a person crossing their path or a fallen pallet.

Learn more here http://www.gizmag.com/robocv-xmotion-autonomous-vehicles/30051/

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“X-Motion system puts autonomous vehicles on the warehouse floor”