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Wow! Forget The Higgs & Gravitational Waves! CERN Just Discovered “New World”!

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It looks like the LHC may have found a surprise massive particle that gives a glimpse into a better – and entirely unexpected – theory of reality

If it is anything, it is what Gian Giudice has been waiting for his entire scientific life. “We are not talking about a confirmation of an established theory, but about opening a door into an unknown and unexplored world,” says Giudice, a theoretical particle physicist based at CERN near Geneva, Switzerland.

That’s if it turns out to be anything. At the moment, all we have are hints emerging from the debris of collisions within CERN’s showpiece particle smasher, the Large Hadron Collider. But if those hints firm up in the course of the coming weeks and months, it could be the big one. Forget the Higgs, forget even gravitational waves: 2016 could go down as the year when a new picture of nature’s fundamental workings was unveiled.



The hopes spring from two “bumps” that have appeared independently, in the same place, in the latest data from the LHC’s two big detectors, ATLAS and CMS. They point to the existence of a particle that dwarfs even the Higgs boson, the giver-of-mass particle discovered at CERN in July 2012.

The Higgs was a milestone, but ultimately one that marked the end of a road. It was the last particle to be found of those predicted by the standard model of particle physics. This clutch of sophisticated equations matches every experimental result to date with exquisite precision, and explains the workings of three of the fundamental forces of nature: electromagnetism and the weak and strong nuclear forces.



  • SOVEREIGNDesigns

    is it bigger then this dudes tongue ? ~

  • Jonas Planck

    Another day, another anomaly. Reality just ain’t what it used to be.

  • Jonas Planck

    Hypothesis: The Banach-Tarski paradox suggests that an infinitely divisible solid can be re-arranged to become two identical versions of itself with no loss of mass. On a quantum level, matter becomes infinitely divisible in its waveform-probability state, so at some point between the “bullet” leaving the chamber and hitting the “target,” the probability wave fluctuation somehow resulted in the energy/matter getting duplicated in this way, leaving behind a tiny lump of “new” matter when the waves collapsed into particles upon observation. Since nothing but random chance was guiding the waveform collapse, the new particle is not actually a duplicate, but a sort of conglomeration of whatever the original particle was made out of, as if you took all the sawdust from a wood shop’s floor and stuck it together to make a new piece of wood. It wouldn’t look like a piece of wood, but it’s still made of the same stuff.

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“Wow! Forget The Higgs & Gravitational Waves! CERN Just Discovered “New World”!”