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Would you let this droid walk your dog? 99 human-sized Luna could usher in the age of the personal robot

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From Wall-E to Hal 9000, personal robots have been one of the most widely portrayed future technologies in science fiction movies.

And now one company claims they are close to bringing the fiction into reality with their Luna personal robot.

The human-sized android can apparently perform simple tasks like walking the dog and serving drinks, or more complex tasks like assisting doctors and nurses in a hospital.

Santa Monica-based company RoboDynamics believe their product will revolutionise robotics in the same way that the PC did home computing and the iPhone revolutionised mobile electronics.

The innovation received press in 2011, but now the developers have launched a Kickstarter campaign for the £320,000 (00,000) needed to bring Luna to market.
Early adopters will get the robot for 99, rather than the expected £965 (,500) price tag, with a scheduled December 2015 shipping date.

Interaction with Luna is possible using an 8-inch touchscreen display on its face, as well as through a microphone, wireless and cellular communication.

The robot stands five feet tall with two ‘arms’ on either side of its body.
It rolls around on wheels – which might hamper its ability somewhat just as it did the Daleks in Doctor Who.

But the design of the robot is open source, and with multiple USB ports the makers claim that anyone could design accessories or various add-ons for it.
It also features an HD camera and a carrying handle.

‘Since our founding 11 years ago our mission is to bring robots to the masses,’ said Robodynamics founder Fred Nikgohar.

‘We believe that robots and humans can live and work in harmony together. That’s why we made Luna.

‘Luna is a personal robot designed for everyday practical use. She is a powerful platform capable of an increasing universe of apps and services through an app store model.’

Among the number of tasks that Luna could perform, the makers say it could be used to keep an eye on the elderly in their own home.

It could also be employed as a medical assisting, reminding patients to take their medicine or assisting nurses by fetching items.

And it could even be used as a patrolling security system for buildings, allowing humans to avoid dangerous situations.

Other uses and limitations of the robot have not yet been revealed, but the company is adamant that Luna can kick-start the personal robot industry.

They rather ambitiously aim to see a robot in every home by 2021.

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“Would you let this droid walk your dog? 99 human-sized Luna could usher in the age of the personal robot”