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What you get when you leave your computer dreaming overnight, using Google’s “DeepDream” code…

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You’ve got to see this. It’s like a psychedelic trip… Perhaps the computer starts thinking, “Ok, that’s a dog. Those are all dogs. Dog. Dog. Dog made out of dogs.”

This was made with Google’s “deepdream” code from [here](
For more background check out their [blog post](

Reading about it on the blog post can be unsettling. The breakdown and factorisation of reality as depicted by the iterations of analyzing their own output is very similar to how some people might describe a bad trip. When some people take mushrooms, there are eyes like that EVERYWHERE. This picture really nails what it looks like. How there are eyes everywhere and how anything can turn into them.

In at least 10 computer ‘dreams’ every one of them had a strong connection to eyes. Why is that? Because the neural network is well developed to detect faces of which eyes are a rather glaring feature. The training set of images was ImageNet. ImageNet happens to have a huge amount of dog images, as a good image classification test is asking a computer whether it is looking at a dog or cat – its very difficult. If you look at the images on [/r/deepdream]( they are very dog-head/Chalice/japanese-house and eye heavy.


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“What you get when you leave your computer dreaming overnight, using Google’s “DeepDream” code…”