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We The People Are “Fed” Up — 100+ Lawmakers Unite For This Cause

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The corporate sponsored U.S. Federal Government is out of the people’s control, and lawmakers are finally doing something about it.

* California recently became the second state to petition for a change in the Constitution to clarify that corporations can face limits in their campaign contributions because money does not constitute speech and may be legislatively limited.

* Voters are clearly fed up, and polling shows this, with the notion that money is speech and big money can drown out the speech of average Americans.”

* 100 legislators from 33 states recently got together at the Mount Vernon Assembly in Indianapolis to map logistics for calling a Constitutional Convention to amend the US Constitution.

* Reps on the left are upset about how the first and second amendments are being interpreted – particularly corporations being granted free speech rights.

* Lawmakers on the right are concerned with the out-of-control federal government and the ever-swelling national debt.

If 2/3 of the states calls for a constitutional convention, the congress must have one. Americans who have been paying attention are collectively saying: “it’s about time.”


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“We The People Are “Fed” Up — 100+ Lawmakers Unite For This Cause”