Watch How Sea Levels Are Rising: NASA Says It Is Time to Prepare

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NASA warns that sea levels are rising at an unprecedented rate and explains that we have to begin preparing.

NASA has released new images showing global sea level rise. The agency’s scientists say sea levels have risen four inches in the last two decades.

“We see that sea levels are rising rapidly, much more rapidly than they have anytime in the last 1,000 years,” said NASA climate scientist, Josh Willis.

Willis went further to warn, “We have to begin to prepare for sea level rise.”

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  • Artist in Resonance

    Good bye. Big Apple… Farewell, Florida… No more New Orleans. They will be catching lobster in the former “Lake Champlain” which might help the upstate NY economy. Imagine Vermont with a seaport! At least the Great Lakes will still be fresh water.

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“Watch How Sea Levels Are Rising: NASA Says It Is Time to Prepare”