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Walmart Workers Leave Food Donation Bin Outside Home of Walmart Heiress

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Walmart Workers Return Food Bin To Walton Heiress: ‘We Don’t Want Charity. We Want Decent Pay’… Walmart’s ringing in the holiday season with their annual food drive, but struggling workers want a living wage, not charity.

Kerry-Anne from Addicting Info reports in an earlier post that once again, those bins are sprouting up in Walmart stores across the nation as Thanksgiving approaches.

*With just one week until Thanksgiving, the retail giant Walmart has once again placed the responsibility for philanthropy and human kindness on its underpaid staff, setting up donation food bins for its poor workers to help feed their poorer workers*.

Gee, thanks, Walmart… It’s amazing that these greedy sociopaths still see nothing wrong with paying their workers so badly they can’t afford a decent Thanksgiving dinner, even at Walmart’s “always low” prices. Whatever happened to the days when companies gave all their workers a Thanksgiving turkey? Luckily, some workers won’t have to worry about Thanksgiving dinner because — unlike the folks at Costco — the insensitive clods at Walmart won’t even give them the day off.

The Latin Post reports Walmart workers in New York City sent a strong message directly to Alice Walton, a board members and heir to the Walmart founder’s fortune:

*Monday, Wal-Mart strikers returned a food bin to Walton by leaving it out front of her upscale 515 Park Avenue condominium building, saying they want a raise, not charity.*

And, just to make sure Walton couldn’t just walk by without noticing, they picked the hugest food bin they could find, painted it bright purple, dragged to the sidewalk in front of her luxury condo, and chained it to the brass stanchion that holds up the fancy awning. Luckily someone was there to take a photo, which got posted on Occupy Wall Street‘s Twitter feed.

Occupy Wall Street ‏@OccupyWallStNYC 3h3 hours ago #WalmartStrikers return food bin to Alice Walton’s Park Ave condo, saying they want a raise, not charity..

And that’s not all. Walmart might pay dearly for greedily exploiting their workers. Retailers rely on after-Thanksgiving “Black Friday” sales events to plump up their yearly earnings, but looming Black Friday strikes will deter customers and leave many stores understaffed. BlackFridayProtests.Org shows employees in 2,237 stores across the nation are participating.

If you think the Black Friday strikes map shown below looks bad, wait till you go to the site and zoom in. Some areas of the country give a whole new meaning to the term, “red state.”

It figures that the Walmart family relies on others to provide a Thanksgiving Dinner to their associates. Even among their rich @sshole counterparts, these vile parasites stand out for their stinginess.

*They are also America’s greediest billionaires, according to a recent analysis by Walmart 1 Percent . They have each contributed less than 0.05 percent of their personal net worth through the years 2008 and 2013.*

The Waltons may soon learn the hard way how much their personal fortunes depend on the exploitation of their underpaid workers.

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“Walmart Workers Leave Food Donation Bin Outside Home of Walmart Heiress”