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The New York-based firm PRESENT Architecture have created a concept they call The Green Loop. Instead of sending our urban organic waste to a landfill far away, trucks would pick up and deliver the waste to dozens of these floating composting farms around the city.

Urban composting farms are the future of food waste disposal. These floating or vertical composting farms could eliminate rotting food that becomes trapped in landfills. Think about how much food gets trapped inside plastic takeout containers. This rotting food can never break down. It becomes wasted energy. This state of plastic isolation needs to stop.

These unused nutrients need to be absorbed back into the ecosystem. Composting farms are the most efficient way to harvest this food waste and use it in a productive manner. This could close the loop of wasted energy and resources if paired with vertical farms in urban regions.

###“This proposal will create a network of composting parks processing our organic waste (30% of our residential waste stream), while adding 125 acres of public park land. This means drastically reduced truck miles to landfills, decreased traffic, noise, and pollution, with the added benefits of safer streets, cleaner air, and fewer greenhouse gas emissions. Plus a new type of public park and a product for market – nutrient rich compost made in NYC.”
###- PRESENT Architecture

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