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U.S. May Act To Keep Chinese Hackers Out of Def Con Hacker Event

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(Reuters) – Washington is considering using visa restrictions to prevent Chinese nationals from attending popular summer hacking conferences in Las Vegas as part of a broader effort to curb Chinese cyber espionage, a senior administration official said Saturday.

Visa restrictions are being considered after the United States this week charged five Chinese military officers with hacking into U.S. companies to steal trade secrets.

China of course has denied the charges, saying they were “made up.”

Jeff Moss founder of Black Hat and Def Con had this to say after hearing the news: “First I have heard of it, boarding flight to D.C. now. I don’t think it helps build positive community.”

The real question is: Do they really think the worlds greatest hackers will attend this event? My opinion, NOT likely.

The greatest of hackers stay in the dark shadows.

Would you attend?


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“U.S. May Act To Keep Chinese Hackers Out of Def Con Hacker Event”