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Transhumanism: Would You Swap For A Robotic Heart To Live Forever?

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The movement is the child of futurology which was first taught in the early 1960s at the The New School in New York City. Its creation was down to a futurist, Max Moore, being able to articulate the philosophies. Once the foundation had been set, the growth of Transhumanism became rapid.

Its understanding came from those who adopted technology as an implement of certain lifestyles, developing the term posthuman which then grew to transhuman. In layman’s terms, transhumanists advocate the development of technologies to better the lives of people, from the abolishment of disease, to life preserving.

Transhumanists do not confine themselves to the near future, by looking back they understand how fast technologies can develop and take this on board with their actions. The first spaceship that landed on the moon had less technology on it that you have on your mobile phone right now, think of the possibilities.

By thinking long term, facilities are already in operation awaiting the development of technology so they can continue their purpose. In 1976 a cryonics institute was opened in Michigan, cryonics being the process of freezing a body in a way that doesn’t kill the cells in the brain, the method is to add a ‘antifreeze’ that allows the brain to freeze like glass, disallowing any crystals to develop.

There is no way to become unfrozen at our present moment in time, but transhumanists have absolute faith this will change in the future.

There are more substantial transhuman developments occurring regarding diseases like ALS. Gene Therapy has been used on mice to completely rid them of it. Scientist have also managed to discard mice of the code for metabolic proteins, meaning they can eat as much as they want and not put on a single bit of weight.

You may not have realised this, but, we actually have cyborgs living among us, not the kind you’re thinking of. A man who was born deaf had a cochlear implant and can now hear. This is just one example, but soon there will an array of ‘upgrades’ available to us which improve our stock bodies.

The issue conspiracy theorist have is that the technology potentially has the capability of tracking whomever it is implanted on, and whos to say it’ll stop there, it could start controlling your thoughts? Now its starting to sound a little like Minority Report. Although they have a valid point, everything online is being monitored, why wouldn’t the transhumanists do the same.

Conspiracy theories have been circulating that this is the next Bilderberg Group, a power created for mass population control which is very possible.

However, the technology is only on the brink of development, the benefits so far completely outweigh the negativity throw its way by conspiracy theorists. The ability to one day cure ALS would be astonishing for those affected by.

Perhaps it is the case of having your cake and eating it, those who divulge into body upgrades may be at the raw end of its hidden affects. And that quite possibly could be our entire population. I hear autonomous self replicating robots is next.

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“Transhumanism: Would You Swap For A Robotic Heart To Live Forever?”