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Tory Delegate Is Egged During Anti-Austerity Rally In Manchester

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The Conservative supporter was being verbally abused by protesters, who later pelted him with an egg.

“Tens of thousands of demonstrators gathered at lunchtime near to All Saint’s park on Oxford Road to protest against the Conservatives as the the party conference kicked off down the road, the Manchester Evening News reports.” said

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“One of the delegates is then seen speaking to the protesters when he was hit by an egg.

Surrounded by press photographers, the stand-off continued for several minutes as protesters waving banners reading ‘No Cuts’ and ‘End Austerity Now’ shouted abuse at the delegates, who were wearing their lanyards and addressing the crowd.” said

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“Delegates had been warned not to wear their passes outside the zone amid fears that tensions in the city could boil over.

But up until that point the rally – which had started a few minutes earlier – had been peaceful, although shouts of ‘oink oink’ and ‘Tory, Tory, Tory, scum, scum, scum’ could be heard at the front.

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Most banners and placards were generally pro-union and anti-austerity.” said

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“Tory Delegate Is Egged During Anti-Austerity Rally In Manchester”