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Can This Simple Wearable Device Drastically Improve Your Golf Game?

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This a small wearable device captures, measures and analyzes your swing in three dimensions and records 1,000 data points per second.

In order to achieve greatness in any endeavor one must PRACTICE. Golf is no exception. But how is one to know if their swing, stance, tempo, strength, speed and a hundred other factors are on key or not? In decades past one would rely on the sound advice of a coach.

But now, this light weight piece of new technology promises many things to an aspiring golfer. But does it measure up it to its measurements?

Here are some of the Zepp promises:

* Improve Your Swing Score
* Improve Your Speed
* Track and Enhance Your Swing Plane
* Properly Time Your Back Swing vs Downswing Tempo
* Improve Your Backswing Position
* Track Hip Rotation

The Zepp Sensor is to be worn and as you practice it will track all of these performance indicators. Upon completing practice plug the device into your computer and it will start generating the reports and animated video images.

But like any coach, mentor or training program it is still up to you to take the advice and apply it.

So the question is: Can this small lightweight piece of inexpensive technology replace your golfing coach or for that matter can it actually improve your game?

You tell us….


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“Can This Simple Wearable Device Drastically Improve Your Golf Game?”