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This Mini House Pops Up in Two Days

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Swedish architect and designer Jonas Wagel lives up to his reputation as one of the world’s hottest designers with his Mini House – a modern prefab that is easily constructed in a mere two days. At just 15 square meters, the tiny home also features a terrace of the same square footage along with a pergola that provides shade. Quaint and free of unnecessary finishings, this sturdy home also sidesteps Sweden’s strict permitting regulations.

The Mini Home’s exterior materials are comprised of an Iverit façade and a bitumen roof while the floor is laid with hardwood panels. All of the prefabricated modules and add ons, including a compact kitchen and bath module, heater and chimney, storage module and a 12V solar power kitare delivered to the site flatpacked.


A concrete foundation is laid and the mini home is usually constructed within two days. Albeit small, the home is suitable for all weather conditions and features extraordinary attention to detail. Trimless windows and neat organization of the electrical feeds ensures that living small can also mean living large! The Mini House follows on the heels of other tiny homes like Michelle de la Vega’s impressive renovation, signaling a powerful shift to a new way of life.

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“This Mini House Pops Up in Two Days”