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This Man Built A Moving, Working Lego Arm

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We’ve seen Legos used for all sorts of things, from proposals to adding an extra level of epic to the year’s biggest trailers. But we’ve never seen anything quite like this.

Thanks to the creativity of Milan Sekiz, a 29-year-old graphic designer based in Serbia, we now have an idea of what a suit made of Lego would look like, and it is awesome. So far he only has an arm put together, but the amount of detail he put into it is incredible.



When it came to building his own suit of armor, he had inspiration from one of his favorite heroes and his new suit.


Although he started by modeling his Lego arm off Iron Man’s suit, he had to change his course in the middle of building it.

“First version was more like a simple model and looking more like Iron Man’s hand, but a lack of parts and a desire to make the arm move [made me] change design completely,” he said. “So now it’s looking more like ExoSuit from the Edge of Tomorrow movie or something like that.”

image image

assistance from Moky Alletun. He plans to start making a Lego leg next, but that won’t be for some time; he’ll need more Lego parts, and he’s got plenty of ideas for photoshoots planned.

While Sekiz’s photos of the arm were originally posted to Flickr, they eventually made their way to Reddit thanks to his friend Igor, who posted the robotic arm in r/geek, r/lego, and r/GeekPorn. Reddit, naturally, loved it.

“[The reaction’s] mainly positive along with jokes like ‘one fast motion and Legos everywhere,’ ‘now you are equally strong but less mobile,’ ‘you are building a suit of virginity’ and stuff like that :),” he wrote. “But jokes are always welcome.”




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“This Man Built A Moving, Working Lego Arm”