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This Jet Flies 10 Times The Speed Of Sound & Can Travel From London To New York In 30 Minutes

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This jet flies ten times the speed of sound and could revolutionize air travel.

“Plans for a passenger airliner have been conceptualized that would carry commercial flyers at speeds up to five times that of the Concorde.

The concept, dubbed Skreemr, would be launched by a magnetic railgun system, brought up to speed by rockets, and then taken over by a Scramjetengine. It is the brainchild of the aptly named Canadian engineer Charles Bombardier. Speeds of Mach 10 would be possible with the technology.” said

Project Background

“The Scramjet engine is military drone technology, currently being developed by both the U.S. and China. It is projected that in several years we could start seeing this technology used in a practical military manner, and perhaps in the distant future for civilian passenger jets.” said

This is where Skreemr comes in. Writing in the Globe and Mail, Bombardier says:

The Skreemr concept aims to ignite your imagination around this idea. I added the idea of using a non-rocket space launch system and conventional rockets to accelerate the aircraft initially. I am aware that the challenge of defining such an aircraft is complex, especially at lower altitude where the air is dense and heat accumulates rapidly on all surfaces.

How it Would Work

“Traditional propulsion systems carry liquid oxygen, which is heavy. The Scramjet concept uses oxygen taken from the atmosphere, so the craft would not need to carry oxygen tanks, making it much faster than it would otherwise be.

However, the craft would have to be already traveling faster than the speed of sound in order to compress the oxygen coming through the intake. To solve this, the craft would be launched from the magnetic railgun system, similar to what NASA is considering in the launching of spacecraft.

The way it works is that the jet is accelerated at great speeds along a set of rails using a magnetic field, after which two oxygen and kerosene fueled rockets would take over to reach speeds of about Mach 4. Then the scramjet engine fires up, using just oxygen as fuel.” said

 Environmental Implications

“If you’re thinking that it sounds like the craft would be more eco-friendly, then you’d be thinking right. “The magnetic railgun could use clean electricity to launch the aircraft, and the rockets and scramjets could burn hydrogen manufactured with hydro-electricity,” wrote Bombardier.

We are really looking forward to the future!” said

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“This Jet Flies 10 Times The Speed Of Sound & Can Travel From London To New York In 30 Minutes”