This is Martin Richards, who was killed in the Boston Marathon bombing. His teacher said, “Marin was a true, authentic believer of peace.”


Martin’s father was running in the race. Martin was waiting for him at the finish line with the rest of his family. His sister lost a leg but is stable, and his mother had brain surgery last night to remove shrapnel. She is listed in critical condition.

Martin’s teacher had this to say about Martin:
>My friend came into my classroom and had the class design signs that would encourage people to act peacefully. Our class had been spending the school year learning about Gandhi, ahimsa, nonviolence, peace – and the power that those things can hold over hate and violence. As you can see from the sign he’s holding, Martin was a true, authentic believer of peace – constantly helping his peers solve conflicts using words and reminding his friends that nonviolence is the only way our problems will get solved. His favorite Gandhi quote was, “An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind.” If Martin were here and talking about what happened at the finish line, he would be sad, but he would also speak out against taking revenge and instead would say, “You just have to love everyone – no matter what.” I really wish he were here right now to say it, because right now as I sit and miss Martin and the amazing kid he was, and grieve over everything that occurred today, I can’t help but feel angry, sad, heartbroken, and helpless.

Our prayers go out to Martin’s family.

PEACE, Martin.