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This Futuristic Floating City Can Produce Zero Waste & House 7,000 People

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French architect Jacques Rougerie has designed a 3,000-foot-long, manta-ray-shaped vessel capable of hosting 7,000 people. The city of Mériens will be a floating university city for researchers and students.


A visionary architect born in 1945, Jacques Rougerie pursues his two passions, the Sea and Architecture. He bases his research and the structures he builds on a bionic architecture inspired by marine forms and a concern for sustainable development. Jacques Rougerie has built underwater habitats, laboratories, marine research centers, vessels with see-through hulls, subaquatic museums, and has designed underwater villages and structures to draw attention on the beauty and fragility of the sea and its fundamental role in the great story of humanity.


He was elected in 2008 at the Institut de France – Academy of Fine Arts. Its latest marine project, SeaOrbiter, is a synthesis of more than 30 years of innovative research in marine and subsea architecture. Inspired by the imaginary work of Jules Verne, he has adopted his motto:

“Anything one man can imagine, other men can make real”.

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“This Futuristic Floating City Can Produce Zero Waste & House 7,000 People”