This balloon-mounted turbine churns out both electricity and Wi-Fi

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Looking like a wayward jet engine, this floating turbine and its brethren could someday travel to every remote corner of the globe. There, they could deliver electricity and Internet connectivity to people and villages living off-the-grid. Unlike their jet-propelling doppelgängers, however, these turbines are going to need a bit of help getting from point A to B.

Think of these floating turbines as the wind farms of the future and you won’t be that far off. Developed by Altaeros energies, the floating turbines are designed to take advantage of the powerful prevailing winds that exist 2,000 feet above our heads. Once they’ve been inflated and deployed, these floating power plants can generate twice the output of a ground-based turbine. The tethers that keep the turbine anchored in place also send that energy ground-ward…

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“This balloon-mounted turbine churns out both electricity and Wi-Fi”