This 3D Printer Can Build 10 Houses A Day For $5,000 Each

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For $5,000 and ten hours you can now buy a 3D printed house.

“The days of lengthy, inefficient, and costly construction projects could be coming to an end. Private inventor Ma Yihe designed a 3D printer that built ten houses in a single day! The china based company building and research center are all constructed of 3D printed walls. The building walls are energy efficient and made of recycled construction waste and mortar. The roofs still have to be applied by hand because the printers aren’t yet versatile enough to manage the complete task.” said


“Not only is the printer environmentally ideal but it potentially has the ability to produce sound low cost housing for poverty stricken communities. In all the houses are produced for around $5,000; the company intends to produce them as a method for modernizing poor housing conditions in Chinese villages. Even though this technology will continue to be improved upon, 3D printed housing is the kind of innovative thinking and technology that will fuel the advancement of mankind while preserving the environment.” said


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“This 3D Printer Can Build 10 Houses A Day For ,000 Each”