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The Strangeness of Presidential Candidates Trying to Go Viral

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With the advent of the internet and the fervent quest for virality, the emphasis for presidential candidates seems to now be on doing or saying things bizarre enough to go viral..because there’s no such thing as bad press it seems.

It has become about entertainment and appealing to the masses, instead of journalists. Many candidates get coverage in the media, but only those who really push the envelope are blessed with virality.

Considering how short the average person’s attention span has become, it seems that being the craziest candidate of the bunch is the best way to get publicity and seemingly votes as well.

Donald Trump is constantly saying a new outlandish thing and his kerfuffles have made him a true media darling. The amount of attention that he receives is astounding. Subsequently, Donald Trump has surged to a big lead in the GOP presidential race according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll. He is also receiving praise from Piers Morgan for never saying sorry. Saying incendiary and outrageous things could be the key to his success.

Republican candidate Rand Paul pulled out the crazy tactics by creating a wacky video in which he is seen trying to destroy tax code papers with fire, a woodchipper and a chainsaw.

Democratic candidate Martin O’Malley recently made the shocking claim that climate change hastened the rise of ISIS.

It will certainly be interesting to see how all of this affects this upcoming presidential race and future ones. The playing field has changed.

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“The Strangeness of Presidential Candidates Trying to Go Viral”