The Role of News on Facebook

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Although Facebook has grown beyond its beginnings as a way to connect people with friends and family, those connections remain the primary reason people go to Facebook.

For 68% of Facebook users, seeing what friends and family are up to is a major reason they go to the site. Nearly as many, 62%, say the same of seeing friends’ photos. Less commonly cited reasons include engaging in conversations with friends and family (38%) and sharing one’s own photos or videos (28%). And just 16% of Facebook users say getting news is a major reason they use Facebook, on par with the proportion who say posting personal updates (17%) or playing games (14%) are major reasons. One respondent summed it up with, “News on Facebook is just something that happens.”

Facebook users are split over whether they like having posts about news mixed in with other kinds of posts in their feed (52% enjoy it, 47% do not), but few are particularly bothered by news posts. When asked about things that people do on Facebook that might bother them, just 10% of Facebook users say it bothers them when friends or family post news stories.

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“The Role of News on Facebook”