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‘The Real Thing:’ Dutch Man Creates Device That Turns Coca Cola Back Into Pure Drinking Water

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In been said that in some parts of the world, Coca Cola is not only cheaper than clean drinking water, it’s also more readily available.

To make matters worse, Coke is also capable of causing serious health problems for anyone who consumes too much of it, and the company seems to feel no remorse about using toxic ingredients in their products even when consumers cry out for better alternatives.

While many people still look at Coke and see a tasty, “refreshing” beverage, one Dutch artist/inventor looked at it and saw something completely different, and resolved to make a very important point about it for the world to see using his own sense of creativity.

###Cleaning Up the “Dirty Brown Water”

The man, Dutch inventor Helmut Smits, told Dezeen.com that different people see different things when they looked at a classic red-and-white can of Coca Cola.

“I try to look at the world and the things around us as a child or as an alien, like I see things for the first time,” Smits said.

“When I looked at Coca-Cola that way, I saw dirty brown water, so it was logical to filter it back into clean drinking water, just as we do with all our waste water.” Smits said.

His method of choice? Utilizing “The Real Thing,” an invention he premiered at the ‘Sense Nonsense’ exhibition at the end of last month.

His research found that one liter of Coke can take a whopping nine liters of clean water to produce, but his device (check it out in the video below) works to reverse that process: it actually turns sugar (or high fructose corn syrup) and oftentimes GMO-laden Coca Cola into pure drinking water.

Learn more here http://www.dezeen.com/2014/11/03/helmut-smits-the-real-thing-water-filtration-machine-coca-cola-water/

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“‘The Real Thing:’ Dutch Man Creates Device That Turns Coca Cola Back Into Pure Drinking Water”