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The NSA’s Patents, in One Searchable Database

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The U.S. Navy and the NSA are two of the largest patent holders in the world. And the other military departments also have a decent number of held patents.

But should they be allowed? After all they money they use to research, develop, file and etc. is 100% your money.

This should mean you, the tax payer has the right to use the patent and build or create the product. But build something that they hold and find out real quickly, you have NO RIGHTS!

Currently the NSA’s holds more than 270 sleuthy devices, methods, and designs patents. The nation’s biggest intelligence agency has been granted these patents since 1979.

The most recent patents to be filed and secured are a voice identifier, an automated translator, a “tamper-indicating” document tube, and a supersecure manhole cover.

You can see the list of the known and public patents by clicking this link: [DOWNLOAD](

As the patent holder, the NSA can license the particular technology — for a fee — to anyone who wants to use it, so long as the patent hasn’t expired.inventors have been, the agency is far from the most prolific patent-filer.

The Navy holds far more patents 383 as of 2013 — unsurprising since the armed forces are constantly coming up with new weapons, communications, and sensing technologies, patent lawyers said. (The Army, with 155 patents, and the Air Force, with 44, were also big patent holders.)

Soon the ruling elite, and the government will own everything on the planet.

Mark my words and try testing this theory.

Prepare yourselves. The storm is coming!!


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“The NSA’s Patents, in One Searchable Database”