The Imminent Decentralized Computing Revolution

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Decentralized computing could fundamentally transform the way we connect to and exchange value on the Internet. And this could cause obsolescence for the current system to include bureaucratic hierarchies, middlemen and gatekeepers everywhere obsolete including social networks, banks, stock exchanges, electronic voting systems and even governments.

>Most services today are centralized — sharing photos via social networks, uploading files to the cloud, sending and receiving money. In fact it’s how the world has been organized for hundreds of years. But history has proven that the centralized model is flawed and inefficient. Power concentrated in the hands of a few has always been at risk of corruption, greed and chaos.

>Decentralization transfers that power from individuals and corporations to technology and immutable math, leading to reduced overheads, improved security, more resiliency and higher efficiency.

There are potentially three technologies that will form the foundation of the decentralization
*Mesh networks
*Block chain
*Autonomous agents

>Mesh networks are peer-to-peer networks created by daisy-chaining your phone (which becomes a router) to nearby phones using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Everyone joining the mesh network creates an extension of the Internet. The more devices or nodes, the stronger it becomes. They cannot be controlled by any central organization. There is no single IP to block. And governments can’t shut them down. They are decentralized, self-healing and remarkably resilient.

>The block chain is essentially a giant distributed cryptographic ledger shared amongst all nodes participating in the network, and keeps a record of every single successful transaction. This allows for trustless transactional activity. It facilitates ownership, storage, transfer and processing of information without the need for a middleman or identity information clearinghouse.

>Autonomous agents. These are entities that make their own choices regarding how to act in their environment without influence of a central authority. Autonomous agents will play an increasingly important role in how things get done. They will be the brains and logic residing inside everything from driverless cars to delivery drones, from your bank accounts to your thermostats. They will operate individually or in a swarm. They will buy and sell services using crypto-currencies, pay their own costs to maintain and upgrade themselves and even replicate as they become profitable. They will be self-sustaining economic units — almost like mini-corporations, but without the bureaucracy.


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“The Imminent Decentralized Computing Revolution”