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The First Human on Mars

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Alyssa Carson is just 13 years old yet soon enough she will be the first person to land on the red planet – Mars.

She has been involved with NASA for over 9 year now and she is hopefully going to take part in the launch of the human mission to Mars in 2030. Her adventure started from a young age of 3 where she told her father that she wanted to be an astronaut when she’s older. Her father like most parents told her that she could be whatever she wanted to be, not realizing the gravity of her statement. He soon found her studying maps of Mars and so decided to take her to space camp which she explains in an interview that the few days were probably one of the best.

She is able to speak four languages and already gives speeches for other kids to follow their dreams. While she still has some time to the big launch, she is the first person to have attended all three NASA’s space camps which gives astronauts the opportunity to to experience zero gravity and space flight simulations. Alyssa has also completed the five-day space camps which test the physical abilities of the participants and also, the NASA Passport Program with involves traveling to all of the the U.S.’s space agency’s 14 Visitor Centers in America.

She hopes to be the first person to explore Mars in person and she has been making preparations for more or less a decade now, saying that the main reason for her urge to go there is that “it’s a place no one has been” and that “it could be our next Earth”

And even though her plans go far into the future, she has numerously been asked about what her first words will be when she takes the first steps on Mars. She explains “I’ve been asked that a lot but I just don’t know what it it yet,” she said. “That’s something I still have to think about.”

While Alyssa continues her small steps towards the Red Planet, she still has plenty of time to write the perfect tagline for the next giant leap for her but ultimately for mankind.

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“The First Human on Mars”