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Ten Hamburgers = One Year Of Showers

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The governor of California has asked residents to cut their water consumption by 25% but has placed ZERO restrictions on the gigantic farm/ag industry. (Which is responsible for 80% of the state’s water consumption) Instead of merely shortening showers, Californians (and everyone) could MUCH more dramatically conserve water by simply giving up beef.

Just one lb of beef takes 2500 gallons of water. Turns out that the water needed to grow two and a half pounds of beef, or ten 4oz hamburgers, is the same amount the average person uses to shower….for an entire year!

So, ten hamburgers = One year of showers. Simply by forgoing one quarter pounder almost every month is just as impactful as forgoing showers every day for a year.

If the governor really cared about the issue of water he would shutter all the beef farms in the state. The powerful meat industry has obviously exerted tremendous influence over the governor. The meat industry in the United States is a powerful political force with many lobbyists. But if the governor won’t place any restrictions on the beef industry, we can still exert tremendous influence by not supporting the beef industry. We can stop consuming beef and if there is no longer a demand for beef, all the lobbyists in the world won’t be able to save the beef industry.

Other foods are also greatly impacting water use…One pound of pork requires 800 gallons of water. A dozen eggs need 636 gallons of water. Even the vegetarian protein source, soy, needs 216 gallons of water per pound.

If you really want to reduce your water footprint, fruits, grains and vegetables are the way to go.

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“Ten Hamburgers = One Year Of Showers”