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Spotify Yanks Silent Album After Band Vulfpeck Nets 0,000

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In March, a Los Angeles group called Vulfpeck launched an unconventional campaign to fund their upcoming tour: The band released a completely silent album on Spotify, called Sleepify, and asked fans to stream it while they were sleeping.

It was a pretty genius workaround.

A Spotify representative called it “a clever stunt,” but slagged the effort as “derivative of John Cage’s work.”

On April 22, Vulfpeck posted to its Facebook page, letting fans know that Spotify asked them to remove the album. The band included an “official statement” in the form of a three-track response album, including the song #Hurt, which is, ironically, currently on Spotify.


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“Spotify Yanks Silent Album After Band Vulfpeck Nets 0,000”