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Solar Walk: The World’s First Solar Powered Sidewalk

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George Washington University’s Virginia Science and Technology Campus is now home to the world’s first walkable solar-paneled sidewalk with the completion of a 100 square foot solar walkway, dubbed (what else?) the Solar Walk.

As part of the University’s “sustainable Solar Walk” project, 27 walkable solar PV panels were installed as an extension of a public sidewalk on the campus, along with a solar trellis.

The semi-transparent solar panels have a peak capacity of 400 Watts, and is designed to power some 450 LED lights to illuminate the solar pathway after dark. The panels, which were designed by Onyx Solar, are said to be slip-resistant and able to stand up to regular foot traffic.

The solar trellis, designed by Studio39 Landscape Architecture, is installed at the end of the solar sidewalk, and sends its solar energy output to help power Innovation Hall on the campus.

Both installations can be seen on the public sidewalk between the Exploration and Innovation Halls, at the intersection of GW Boulevard and University Drive.

Cool! ..will solar roadways be next?

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“Solar Walk: The World’s First Solar Powered Sidewalk”