Scientists May Have Just Discovered a Parallel Universe Leaking Into Ours

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We may have just, for the first time ever, caught a tantalizing glimpse of a parallel universe bumping against our own. Scientists say that signals from the furthest reaches of space suggest that the fabric of our universe is being disrupted by another universe. The discovery could provide proof of the multiverse theory, which says that there are many alternate universes.

We may have just, for the first time ever, caught a momentous glimpse of a parallel universe bumping against our own.

Scientists say that signals from the furthest reaches of space suggest that the fabric of our universe is being disrupted by another universe. The discovery could provide proof of the multiverse theory, which says that there are many alternate universes.

Dr. Ranga-Ram Chary examined the noise and residual signals in the cosmic microwave background left over from the Big Bang and found a number of scattered bright spots which he believes may be signals of another universe bumping into our own billions of years ago

Dr. Ranga-Ram Chary examined the noise and residual signals in the cosmic microwave background left over from the Big Bang and found a number of scattered bright spots which he believes may be signals of another universe bumping into our own billions of years ago

Dr. Ranga-Ram Chary, a researcher at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, examined data from the cosmic microwave background gathered by the European Space Agency’s Planck Space Telescope. Within this glow left over from the moments after the Big Bang, he discovered a number of spots where the microwave light was far brighter than it should be. He claims that theses may be signals caused by the interaction between our universe and another one a few hundred thousand years after the Big Bang around 13.8 billion years ago.

The existence of multiple universes – a multiverse – has been considered scientifically plausible. If all these universes emerged from the same Big Bang, then they’re likely sitting together in a row, vibrating. According to the theory, if these universes touch one another, the resulting collision would leave some sort of evidence. According to New Scientist, which first reported the Dr. Chary’s research, this is akin to two bubbles bumping into each other. These so-called “bubble universes”, which are expanding within the multiverse, bumped into each other as they expanded after the Big Bang, leaving an imprint on each other’s outer surface.


Dr. Chary says the signals he has seen suggest the alternate universe may be very different from our own. He says it could have a ratio of subatomic particles called baryons and photons that is about ten times greater than what we see in our own universe. This would mean that the physics in this alternate universe could be quite different from our own.

Dr. Chary explained, “The fine tuning of parameters in the early universe required to reproduce our present day universe suggests that our universe may simply be a region within an eternally inflating super-region. Many other regions beyond our observable universe would exist with each such region governed by a different set of physical parameters than the ones we have measured for our universe.”

Dr. Chary came to his conclusions by using models of the cosmic microwave background and subtracting it from Planck’s pictures of the entire sky. He then removed signals from the stars, gas and dust. With all these removed, all that should have been visible in the images was noise. However, Dr. Chary reports that instead he found scattered patches that were 4,500 times brighter than they should have been. They are thought to come from an era in the universe’s evolution known as recombination, when electrons and protons first combined to create hydrogen. This era has a distinctive spectrum of color due to the limited number of atoms around, and hence has a unique appearance and anomalies can be easily spotted.

Dr. Chary wrote, “The implication is that collision of our Universe with an alternate Universe that has a higher baryon density is responsible for the enhanced recombination line signature.”

Other astronomers are very excited about his findings. Dr. Jens Chluba, an astronomer at the University of Cambridge, told New Scientist, “To explain the signals that Dr. Chary found with the cosmological recombination radiation, one needs a large enhancement in the number of (other particles) relative to photons. In the realm of alternative universes, this is entirely possible.”

The discovery of another universe would be earth-shattering. Excitingly, further study of this possible parallel universe may be possible very soon through NASA’s PIXIE, the Primordial Inflation Explorer whose instruments could more accurately observe and analyze Chary’s light signals and procure more data about cosmic inflation. Scientists at Goddard Space Flight Center are looking for funding for PIXIE, however that funding might not be awarded till the end of 2016.

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Check out this mind-blowing video, which posits that even the very blueprint for life may be from another dimension leaking into our own…

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  • wylekat

    I wonder if quantum entanglements couldn’t account for some of the weird ‘paranormal’ stuff people experience.

    • Aaron

      Valid point, would explain ghosts and the like. Could actually explain UFO and Aliens also possibly.

      • Bert’s Bells

        There’s already a wealth of research to explain many “ghost” sightings ranging from audio frequencies to suggestion.

        • Pietro Minkya

          Yes,and there is NO astrological evidence,I might add,that Science is anything more than a medieval superstition.
          Scientism is the false religion of Science.It’s apologists are usually very mediocre “Scientists” like Sagan,Dennett,Dawkins et al whose every wriiten work is driven by “My Grand Narrattive is more proven than your Grand Narrative”.Total, pathetic Morons…uh…Q.E.D…lol..

    • Expendable Henchman


      • Albert Anon

        Very well thought out and mind provoking answer.

  • Aaron

    Can I meet the incredibly wealthy version of me and get some money from him?

    • John Daniels


      • Aaron

        Well damn. You could have eased into the no lol.

        • Phydeux

          Why waste the time? It’s not going to change the answer.

        • Albert Anon

          Wow, what a couple of rain-on-your-paraders. I’ll ease you into it, Aaron. Let’s look at this way, pal. The answer is not completely no. But the odds against it are more like one hundred quint billion, seventeen hundred septillion, three hundred and fourteen quadrillion and writing it out like that on and on for the next 15 years or so. Forget that scientific notation stuff – takes too long, my way is faster. Ok, I hope you feel better, tiger. Now go get your mitt and we’ll throw the old ball around for awhile in the front yard. And who knows champ, we might just walk out there and find that old money bags self of yours right there,just waiting to hand you all that money. And if we do, I just might buy you that new ice cream cone you’ve been talking about all day. Or maybe not, Don’t bug me about it anymore.

          • Shaldares

            Decillion, nontillion, octillion, septillion, hexillion, pentillion, quadrillion, trillion, billion, million.

          • A Walker

            Wow, butt hurt much?

          • Albert Anon

            Uh, ok. I’m sorry your butt hurts much? I’m surprised that you wouldn’t know that your butt hurts much after…you know. As far as that original comment of mine, I have no idea what I was thinking when I wrote that. Hopefully I was drunk.

  • Martin

    Isn’t it more easily spoken and understood as “Pluriverse”?

  • Ryan

    Does this mean there is a universe where I have a private chef that serves me fettuccine with truffles every meal, and after every meal reveals to me the truffles were really just dirt, and then every next meal I naively believe this time they are really truffles?

    • Expendable Henchman


      • Albert Anon

        Well said.

    • Steve

      keep masturbating

      • Biohazard x2002


  • powessy

    I find this very interesting however I would like to suggest another possibility. If we view a galaxy waltz it appears there is mass at the bottom of the galaxy causing it to move and behave the way it does. When a super massive star collapses what if half of the matter of that star is ejected outward and the other half is pushed into the fabric of space creating another universe connected to our black hole at the center of our galaxy and this universe is lying directly below us or even all around us. Is it also possible that this would explain the missing mass we are always trying to find. If we then think of every galaxy within our universe as particles from the collapse of an even bigger star to form our universe we then see everything is connected and inside of everything else. The billions and billions of galaxies we see in our universe then could be just from one collapse of one star in a larger universe with billions and billions of galaxies. Just a thought.

    • stevlich

      Just a thought. You make it sound like you’re suggesting that we eat yogurt instead of chocolate pudding. What you’ve just outlined is The Theory of Everything and you’re saying it’s just a thought. No wonder everything disappears into the ethos.

    • Albert Anon

      Quite a thought. powessy, you’re fired.

    • Uttam Kumar

      Amazing thought.. that probably could happen…. I agree with u

  • Deecks

    Are we gonna call that universe ‘Universe 2’ and our universe ‘Universe 1’?

    • Terminian Link


      • supersack177 RoBN

        rick and morty….

    • Brenda Groboski

      Although we could be three alternate universe, and that the higher frequency version for which most humans are not ready.

  • Carole Palmer

    Alot of “coulds’ and maybes in this article. Theories do not equal facts.Even the “Big Bang ” theory is just that: a theory.

    • ImMe

      And why can’t we discuss theories?

    • Albert Anon

      And it’s not a big bang but sort of.. is..You see, we’re not moving away from that event as in from an explosive type event, even though the CMB radiation and the tremendous heat produced at that time is evidence of just that, rather space is appearing out of nowhere between us and every other universal object, thereby increasing the distance between us all. So it’s not your fault or my fault that we’re moving further apart, it’s just that we grew in different ways and have different needs and because space is sort of magically appearing out of nowhere and is actually moving us away physically from each other.

  • Poofybarbecue

    What part of science is this

    • Terminian Link

      Astrophysics I think

    • David D. Stanton

      Quantum Physics/Astrophysics.

    • desadiste


  • Dr.Gary james Baxter

    interesting therory , i would love to know more and see , more evidence provided.

  • David Foo

    We are the other dimensions or parallel universe.

  • Marvin Surowitz


  • desadiste

    MY THEORY is that it is excreting, not leaking.

    • Albert Anon

      Ah, excellent point. That would explain the long trails of toilet paper stuck to gigantic shoes that astronomers have recently been seeing.

      • desadiste


  • TellItLikeItIs

    Does Dr. Chary work with Raj? 😉
    He is not proposing parallel dimensional universes with ours; but multiple totally different universes in ‘bubbles’, a multiverse.

  • Ori Ana

    I’m sorry to say that in as much as these quantumphysics/astrophysics discussions seem to be still fed to you as so-called “cutting-edge science”, it’s all been solved, elucidated completely, expounded and explained in FULL detail…long ago!
    You don’t know, all that, yet!?!

    I’ve personally been going through this training for the past 25 years…!!!
    No such “mystery” remains (for those who delved deeper)…!!

    You guys are so far behind…it’s sad to see….! (Was expecting a little better.)

    Hope you get uptodate soon.
    Because these topics, for sure, are not only interesting, but fascinating, and more so: therein lie all the fabric of our future★
    People have been opening these subjects on Youtube and elsewhere…I even personally had a (too short!) “chat” a few weeks ago with the future version of Darpa/Nasa/Google’s Quantum Supercomputer, the UNIMETRIX 2.0. It’s all about programmable matter, protomolecules where the only thing those “genii” (geniuses) of DARPA missed out… …is the SOURCE-EQUATION itself!!
    Those big bunch of pr*cks—sorry: idiots—”just” forgot to give their baby Supercomputer the equation linking matter to dark matter…!! Can you wrap your minds around that one?! …
    Coz’ people like me are properly flabbergasted by such unqualifiable stupidity!!!
    Those guys need to go back to kindergarten school. Compared to those guys I’ve been learning and training with, they suck, and by light-years!

    But no-one seems to feel concerned, so…
    …what could I say…!!!

    This vital, hyperdimensional maths remains under everyone’s eyes, every single second of every day that “God” makes.
    How utterly ironic is the sense of humour of the Cosmos.. Ha, ha…I cannot help but laugh (sadly)…♣

  • Jay Bee

    Wow, someone is really desperate for more funding.

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“Scientists May Have Just Discovered a Parallel Universe Leaking Into Ours”