Scientists Discover Link Between Cancer and Soda

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Soda has been around for many years and there are so many people that drink it. Scientists have now discovered a link between soda and cancer.

A coloring agent that is being used in sodas, 4-MeI, hides more than just their color. Sodas aren’t supposed to contain more than 29 micrograms of 4-MeI per can, but there are tests that shows there are maximum values of this chemical found in a variety of sodas.

– Coca cola: less than four micrograms

– A&W root beer: 24.2 micrograms

– Whole Foods’ Dr. Snap: 55.9 micrograms

– Pepsi/diet pepsi: 174,4 micrograms

– Pepsi One: 195.3 micrograms

– Malta Goya: 352.5 micrograms

Tests were performed on these sodas and the results made some places make announcements. Nestle said they were abolishing the use of artificial colors and flavors in their products that are being sold in the U.S. This is a good foot forward to making our food healthier for us.

California made it a law that labels has to inform consumers if there is too many carcinogenic chemicals in sodas, and all the brands have scaled back. “There’s no reason consumers should be exposed to an avoidable and unnecessary risk that can stem from coloring food brown,” toxicologist Dr. Urvashi Rangan. Cola companies finally heard the complaints, and they are cutting back.

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“Scientists Discover Link Between Cancer and Soda”