Scientists Create Video Clips Based on Human Memories

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Can you Jedi mind trick your next YouTube upload?

Some random YouTube videos were shown to a group of people, 5000s in total. They analyzed the brain activity of the subjects. Then helped by computers a video of the memories was created.

The brain activity recorded while subjects viewed a set of film clips was used to create a computer program that learned to associate visual patterns in the movie with the corresponding brain activity. The study aims to predict the brain activity that each film clip would most likely evoke in each subject. Using the new computer model, researchers were able to decode brain signals generated by the films and then reconstruct those moving images.

So, while you won’t be able to Jedi mind trick your next YouTube upload… Eventually, practical applications of the technology could include a better understanding of what goes on in the minds of people who cannot communicate verbally, such as stroke victims, coma patients and people with neuro-degenerative diseases


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“Scientists Create Video Clips Based on Human Memories”