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Scientists Achieve Reliable Quantum Teleportation For First Time

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Einstein may be rolling in his grave but I bet it is from joy! Because scientists in the Netherlands have moved one step closer to overriding his thought that quantum particles were not entangled.

The scientist at the Kavli Institute of Nanoscience at the Delft University of Technology successfully reported data over a distance of 10 feet.

Einstein may be proven wrong but being a man of true science he will be thrilled o see the success! If this can be duplicated it will forever change the way computers work.

At the moment computer processing happens in 1’s and 0’s a back and forth exchange that has limits. But quantum bits, or qubits, can simultaneously describe many values.

But will the success hold? In the past such attempts did not! In-fact in 2009, University of Maryland physicists demonstrated the transfer of quantum information at the rate of only one of every 100 million attempts succeeding.

The next step is to test a distance of over 1 kilometer.

This is not your Star Trek teleportation but it is certainly one step closer!


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“Scientists Achieve Reliable Quantum Teleportation For First Time”