Scientists Achieve Direct Brain-To-Brain Communication Between Humans

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Telepathy is the stuff of science fiction. But what if the dystopian futurists were on to something? What if our brains could directly interact with each other, bypassing the need for language? The idea isn’t quite so far fetched, according to a recent University of Washington study in which researchers successfully replicated a direct brain-to-brain communication between two people.

In an initial demonstration a year ago, one of the researchers was able to send brain signals over the Internet in order to control the hand motions of another researcher. Now, in a more comprehensive study, the researchers repeatedly were able to transmit signals from one person’s brain via the Internet, and used these signals to control the hand motions of another person within a fraction of a second.

The study tested three pairs of participants (each with one sender and one receiver) who were seated in separate buildings on the Washington campus, roughly half a mile apart. They were unable to interact with one another, except for the link between their brains…

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“Scientists Achieve Direct Brain-To-Brain Communication Between Humans”