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Samsung’s new induction stovetop projects ‘virtual flames’ onto pots and pans

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Samsung put its Chef Collection series of high-end kitchen appliances front and center at CES last January, and they’ve stayed in the spotlight throughout the year. The newest addition to the lineup is an induction slide-in cooktop that projects virtual LED flames onto your pot in order to let you know when a burner is on and how hot it is.

The cooktop made its debut in Europe last month, and will now be available in the US alongside existing gas and electric models at a retail price of ,700. The cooktop sits over a 5.8 cubic foot “Flex Duo” oven that can be split into two separate chambers capable of cooking independently from one another.

Along with the rest of the Chef Collection — which includes a four-door refrigerator, a dishwasher boasting corner-to-corner “WaterWall” cleaning performance, and other feature-centric designs — the induction cook top was built based off of feedback and insight from Samsung’s “Club des Chefs,” a culinary think tank featuring world-class chefs and restaurateurs.

It’s unclear which of these chefs raised a hand and requested LED flame fakery, but Samsung tells us the feature was included to offer home cooks a better deal of visual control over their cooktop. That makes sense to me, as it isn’t always immediately obvious when an induction burner is on.

The Chef Collection Induction Slide-In Range is available now at retailers nationwide. Expect a full review just as soon as we get our hands on one.

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“Samsung’s new induction stovetop projects ‘virtual flames’ onto pots and pans”