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Robots Could Take Half Of The German Jobs In The Next 20 Years.

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More on the Robot chronicles:

A study from Brussels think-tank Bruegel found 51 percent of jobs in Germany at the moment could be computerized and left to robots in the next two decades.

European countries most at risk from this computerization were Romania (62 percent) and Italy, Poland, Bulgaria and Greece – all 56 percent.

“Technology is likely to dramatically reshape labour markets in the long run and to cause reallocations in the types of skills that the workers of tomorrow will need,” Jeremy Bowles of Bruegel wrote about his study last week. “To mitigate the risks of this reallocation it is important for our educational system to adapt.”

We have written time and again about humans losing their jobs to the era of machines.

But is anyone listening?


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“Robots Could Take Half Of The German Jobs In The Next 20 Years.”