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Researchers Make a Circuit So Flexible, It Can Wrap Around a Vein

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If we really want to get the dream of implantable electronics off the ground, we’ll need to figure out how to make circuit boards flexible enough to morph and move with our bodies. Thankfully, a team at The University of Texas at Dallas seems to have solved that, with thin film transistors that are flexible enough to wrap around a nerve or blood vessel.

The team laminated shape-memory polymers on top of thin film transistor circuits to create a chip that’s rigid at room temperature, but becomes pliant and flexible at body temperatures. In testing, the film transistors could wrap around a diameter as small as 2.25 millimeters, and when implanted in rats the devices maintained conductivity while flexing with the surrounding tissue.


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“Researchers Make a Circuit So Flexible, It Can Wrap Around a Vein”