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Renegade Barber Gives Haircuts To The Homeless While Overcoming His Own Addiction

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Nasir Sbohani has found a new drug that keeps him sober and on the path of righteous living: giving haircuts to the homeless.

Once overcome by his own personal battle with drug addiction, Sbohani, now known as the *“Street Barber,”* skateboards around the city of Melbourne and gives free cuts to homeless individuals on his days off. As Metro shares, he spends time talking to them in the hopes of inspiring them to start fresh.

Nasir credits much of his transformation to the tenets of his Baha’i faith and the volunteer work of giving haircuts, as it keeps him inspired on the daily to “never give up.”

Nasir was extraordinarily open about his past and his drug addiction:

*“That’s why I started cutting hair. I love it so much, it became my new way of getting high, man. It’s my new drug.”*

The philanthropic barber shares photos and stories of those he helps on Instagram, of which we are re-sharing below. Who knows – perhaps Sbohani’s inspiring story will help others across the world once again believe in themselves and the limitless opportunity for change.

*“A haircut can do so much for someone. That’s why I name what I do ‘Clean Cut, Clean Start’”*

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“Renegade Barber Gives Haircuts To The Homeless While Overcoming His Own Addiction”