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Raleigh rallies support for Walmart Strikers

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After some Walmart employees were fired for speaking out about working conditions and wages, workers demonstrated at Walmart locations in 15 cities around the country. As the dancers in this flash mob say it so well, “No justice, no peace!” I don’t shop at Walmart, but if I saw this happening, I’d be steppin’ right along with them.

Organizers in a Raleigh, North Carolina Walmart, delivered 170,000 signatures to petition managers to reinstate employees who had been unfairly fired for daring to try to organize. In a show of solidarity, workers in the store broke into a flash mob and then walked out. The message is loud and clear: “Hey Walmart: RESPECT YOUR WORKERS!!”
It’s time to show your support for the right to organize for a living wages and good benefits.

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“Raleigh rallies support for Walmart Strikers”