Postage Paid Protest

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The Occupy Wall Street movement started on the street, but you can keep the protest going at home. Poet Artie Moffa suggests keeping the banks on Wall Street occupied with their own junk mail. The more people who join the movement, the more the banks will notice. It’s easy to do if you get unsolicited credit card offers in the mail. These credit card offers are from the same financial institutions that hurt our economy by speculating on the housing market.

Inside each irritating credit card offer is a postage-paid envelope for you to return with your credit card application. This is where it gets interesting. In a “postage-paid offer” the bank only pays the post office for the envelopes that are actually mailed back to them. And the banks are assuming you will mail back just the “lightweight” application.

Now here comes the fun part. In Artie’s words, it’s an easy and non-violent way to “drive the big banks out of their greedy little minds.” You can just mail back the envelope as is. Or you can be even more proactive and make the bank pay more in postage by filling up the envelope with other discarded mail. Or if you really want to get creative, get a wood shim at the hardware store (about for 12 of them) and put that in the envelope. The heavier the postage-paid envelope gets, the more the credit card company gets billed.

Remember to add a handwritten message in the envelope telling the banks just what you think about the crazy investments they made that are hurting all of us today. Join the postage-paid envelope protest and turn those unwanted credit card offers into something meaningful: a message to the banks that got us into this financial mess.

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“Postage Paid Protest”