Playing Ping Pong With A Droid At The Robot Ball

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On May 15, the ArtPlay design center in Moscow launched a popular science exhibition called  Robot Ball. For the first time ever, some of the world’s most famous robots have come to Moscow together with their creators.

Robot Ball has two platforms. The first is the exhibition itself, while the other consists of various activities: a forum and a play zone set up together with Microsoft Xbox. The exhibition also has a robomarket, where one can buy small robots, and a robocafe, where customers are waited upon and served by real robots. The exhibition itself features some 50 robots of different modifications, presented by 20-30 delegates.
Robot Ball general producer Igor Nikitin explains: “Our goal is to show robotic achievements from the point of view of art. That is why we prepared the exhibition with input from relevant experts: designers and artists. The main trend that we would like to show with this exhibition is a mixture of styles and multidisciplinarity. After all, to make a top-class robot, it takes a programmer, an engineer, a designer, and an artist.”


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“Playing Ping Pong With A Droid At The Robot Ball”