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Norway Announces Plans For Europe’s Largest Onshore Wind Farm

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From gigantic floating wind turbines to combining wind and hydro for large-scale energy storage, Norway has already taken bold steps to promote wind energy as a renewable resource.

In yet another example of how progressive European countries have become in the advancement of alternative energy, Norway has just announced plans to construct the largest onshore wind farm the continent has ever seen. The project will double the nation’s wind energy capacity and move it farther away from dependence on fossil fuels.


A leader in oil production, Norway has been shifting toward incorporating more renewable energy into its portfolio. The nation widely supports electric vehicles and has been divesting from fossil fuels over the years. The centrally located wind farm, backed by Statkraft, TrønderEnergi and Nordic Wind Power DA, will generate 3.4 TWh power each year and should be complete by the year 2020.


The project will actually consist of six connected wind farms with a combined capacity of 1000MW – more than the entire wind power capacity the country currently holds. Construction begins this year and is expected to cost about €1.1 billion. Christian Rynning-Tønnesen, CEO and President of Statkraft stated, “This is an important day. Together with our partners Statkraft has developed the largest renewable energy project in Norway in this millennium.”


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“Norway Announces Plans For Europe’s Largest Onshore Wind Farm”