This New Wi-Fi Has a Range of 62 Miles. Yes, really.

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WI-FI like all technology is evolving. And this is no WI Max that we are talking about.

The days of short range WI-FI signals are coming to an end.

A new Wi-Fi standard was recently approved, thanks to the spectrum opened by the digital transformation of TV. And that new Wi-Fi could do a little better than reach from one end of your house to the other: 62 miles in all directions better, in fact.

Yes, the just-released new Wi-Fi standard has a total range of 12,000 square miles – from a single base station.

The new standard is 802.22 technology. It is not yet deployed but it is only a matter of time before none of us are without Wi-Fi access ever again.

What will happen to all the other signals? TV, Radio, old WI-FI – Eventually they will go away.

Who will be left standing? It is not clear but the future is coming.

One thing is clear: Consumer demand will push the winners to the top.

nd in the end those who crave technology will when. But those who want to hang on to their money, may have a problem.


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“This New Wi-Fi Has a Range of 62 Miles. Yes, really.”